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In “ Jedi the Game” you slip into the role of a Jedi.
The goal is to become the fastest, strongest and best Jedi in the universe, which is easier said than done. Countless enemies await you: Creatures and other Jedi, who strive to become the best as well. Find your destiny but be careful not to be seduced by the dark side, there is no way back. Only here will you find out if you are worthy to be a Jedi knight.
May the force be with you!

- Up-to-date Webbrowser (IE, Mozilla, ...)
- JavaScript support
Some main features:
- 8 skills, 8 talents and 24 forces
- 5 item categories with countless items
- Fight for your life or die trying against other Jedi, alone or in groups
- Explore the city, fight in dungeons
- Change your style of fighting according to your preferences
- Trade items, found your own alliance

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